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Production activity

We develop and sell laboratory equipment under the international trademark Neochrom. The basis of our successful work is the high-quality satisfaction of our customers needs.

Our competitive advantages:
  • Products of the highest quality for a reasonable price;
  • The warranty period for all new equipment is at least 7 years;
  • Modern material base;
  • Equipment development to order;
  • Individual approach to the client;
  • Leasing option;

We are the only Ukrainian company that produces chromatographs and IR spectrometers with Fourier transform. For customers with limited financial opportunities, we offer the modernization of outdated laboratory equipment, which allows you to get a modern device for a price at least twice lower than what you would have to pay for a new one. The production meets the requirements and is certified according to the ISO-9001.


The structural division of the enterprise is its own testing laboratory, certified according to the ISO-17025:2017. A unique feature (in contrast to competitors) is the lack of accreditation, which allows us to quickly respond to the needs of our customers.

  • Method development, physical and chemical analysis, examination of materials and substances;
  • Development of analytical equipment to order. Development of automated measurement and control equipment;
  • We provide equipment for rent;
  • We rent the laboratory;
  • Purification of solvents, reagents, controlled with IR, UV spectra analysis (mass spectrometry and NMR by agreement);
  • Solvents for gas chromatography (also for working with ECD), HPLC

All products sold comply with the Law of Ukraine On metrology and metrological activity (certified by Derzhstandard and is subject to periodic metrological verification)