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Production activity

We develop and sell laboratory equipment under the international brand Neo CHROM . The basis of our successful work is high-quality satisfaction of the needs of our customers.

    Our competitive advantages:
  • Products of the highest quality at a reasonable price;
  • Warranty period for all new equipment at least 7 years;
  • Modern element base;
  • Equipment development to order;
  • Individual approach to the client;
  • Possibility of leasing;

    We are the only Ukrainian company that produces chromatographs and IR spectrometers with Fourier transform. For customers with disabilities, we offer a upgrade of obsolete laboratory equipment , which allows you to get a modern device at a price at least twice lower than you would have to pay for a new one.

    Production meets the requirements and is certified according to the ISO-9001: 2008 standard


    The structural subdivision of the enterprise is its own testing laboratory, certified according to the ISO-17025: 2005 standard. A unique feature (unlike competitors) is the lack of accreditation, which allows us to respond quickly to the needs of our customers.

    Next briefly:
    • Development of methods, physico-chemical analysis, examination of materials and substances;
    • Development of analytical equipment to order. Development of instrumentation devices;
    • We are renting out equipment;
    • We are renting out laboratory;
    • Cleaning of solvents, reagents with control of IR, UV spectra (mass spectra and NMR by agreement);
    • Solvents for gas chromatography (also for work with ECD), HPLC

    All products sold comply with the Law of Ukraine & laquo; On Metrology and Metrological Activity & raquo; (certified by the State Standard and has a method of periodic metrological verification)

    DirectorDirector of the Company Оleksii V. Serikov  @Telegram

Північне Шосе, 30, Запоріжжя, Україна, 69006. .

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