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Models Neochrom ADC-27/2 and Neochrom ADC-27/4


ADCs are designed to measure any analog signal within the measurement range of chromatography and ADCs. For example,there is an ADC modificationfor temperature/pressure measurement.

Data processing by software NeochromGCWorker or UNICHROM.


  • Number of analog data input channels 2,4
  • Input voltage range -10 mV to +100 mV; -100 mV to +1000 mV; -1 V to +10 V
  • Input resistance 20 MΩ
  • Number of data digits 24
  • Sampling rate 100 Hz
  • Computer and AutoRange selectable
  • COM port for communication with computer.

Models Neochrom ADC-WR_v0 and ADC-WR_v1

Unlike the previous model, this model can be connected directly to an ionization detector (PID, DEZ, etc.), This reduces noise and the size of the resulting solution. Among other things, there is a 300 V detector power supply±. Data processing via software NeochromGCWorker or UNICHROM.

ADC provides the following functions.

  • Amplification of the detector signal
  • Converting the input analog signal to a digital signal;
  • Provide the appropriate voltage to the detector;


  • Number of data bits received 32
  • Sampling rate 100 Hz
  • Number of channels from 1 to 32
  • USB/Ethernet(option) communication with PC
Detector amplifier measuring range:
  • ADC-V0 - basic version - noise 10-14, limit ± 0.78*10-7, (typical value)
  • ADC-V1 - for capillary columns - noise 3*10-15, limit ±10-8.
The given noise is r.m.s. in the 10 Hz band, which roughly corresponds to an amplitude in the band of about 1 Hz.

TechnoGraph Neochrom-Thermo


The ADC is based on the Neochrom ADC-27/2 and Neochrom ADC-27/4 models. Designed to measure temperature using thermocouples. There is a measurement and compensation of cold junction temperature, internal calibration work with software Neochrom-P/T-ThermoControl


  • Number of channels 4-8;.
  • Measuring temperature range: depending on what is used; thermocouple (-100°C + 600°C (typical));
  • Measurement repeatability: 0.01-0.03;
  • Accuracy of measurement: 0.03-0.1;
  • Measurement accuracy: 0.03-0.1;
  • Polynomial approximation or table values can be used;
  • Output in µV, °C etc.;
  • USB/Ethernet(option) communication with PC