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Pivnichne Highway, 30
Zaporizhzhia, Zaporizhzhia region, Ukraine, 69006.
Telephone numbers of companies working under the NeoCHROM TM:

Neochrom ltd

Laboratory equipment:+38(067)715-38-26, +38(061)228-15-27

Research on demand lab, ltd

Research and development, determination of recipes, chemical analysis, chemical technologies:+38(073)545-62-25, +38(061)228-57-84

NeochromTrade, ltd

(sales of services and products under the NeoCHROM TM) +38(061)228-77-17, +38(061)228-77-46, +38(067)715-38-26

Individual entrepreneur Andrii Stieklienov. City Dnipro (sales of services and products under the NeoCHROM TM) +38(097)360-29-79

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Північне Шосе, 30, Запоріжжя, Україна, 69006. .

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